A Round of Introductions

A Round of Introductions

Hello there! We are so excited to introduce Goya. Things have come to a head so quickly that we haven’t had time to share this project with our friends or family, so we’re unveiling it all together, today, on Mothers’ Day.

Goya is many things. As one of our favourite words, Goya falls into that delicious category of untranslatable words. With roots in Urdu, Goya refers to that moment in storytelling where the listener experiences a temporary suspension of disbelief – that singular mark of great storytelling. This is precisely what we at Goya aim to do: Find and document compelling stories that draw you in and let you forget where you are, completely immersed within a riveting narrative.

Goya is a food media production house that handles media communications and production for food-related brands. In addition, Goya also puts out a publication that aims to become the definitive voice of food, culture and cuisine, for our place and time in the world; a marker of identity and culture, documenting the breadth of country’s culinary heritage before it is lost to the past, offering insight and commentary, infusing fresh energy into the preservation and revival of cuisine.

If you’d like us to handle your brands, you can reach us here. But first, and more importantly, read THIS. Today, the day of our launch, is also Mother’s Day. We love our mums, our friends’ mums, and mums in general. They’re a repository of wisdom, they’re always good for a hug, and know exactly what to cook to cheer us up. In their honour, our first piece is Mum's the Word. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


Team Goya.