Poppy Seed Mango Murabba

In this last recipe in our mango series, Geetu Mohnani, barista and chief trainer at Thirdwave Coffee Roasters, Bengaluru, shares her grandmother's recipe for Aam ka Murabba. 

Geetu grew up in a joint family in Bhopal. Her grandmother, whom she was very close to, would make an aam ka murabba every summer. Returning home ravenous after school, there would be roti, sabzi and her wonderfully fragrant aam ka murabba, studded with dry fruits, ready for lunch. 

1 kg ripe mangoes (badami or totapuri work well)
500g sugar
150g poppy seeds
4-5 bay leaves
1 tsp pepper corns, crushed
200 ml water
3-4 tbsp dry fruits (broken cashew, slivers of almonds and crushed pistachios would make for a good combination)

Wash and slice the mangoes into thin, long strips.
In a sauce pan, add the mangoes, sugar and water, and leave the flame on medium heat.
Stir continuously as the sugar melts. Be careful not to break the mangoes
Keep stirring until the sugar syrup thickens and forms thin threads when you put in a spoon. This is when you know your mixture is ready.
Add the bay leaves, poppy seeds and dry fruits.
Let it cool, refrigerate and serve chilled.

Banner image credit: Foodmemoir