Recipe Contest: Reethika's Besan Ka Sheera

Recipe Contest: Reethika's Besan Ka Sheera

We have a second winner for our sick-day food recipe contest! Reethika’s besan ka sheera is easy to whip up, and the best part? All you need are store cupboard ingredients!

Sometimes, when you’re feeling under the weather, a sweet, warming drink is all you need. Reethika’s besan ka sheera is exactly that. Creamy and earthy from the besan, and gently sweet from the jaggery, it is, excuse the expression, a hug in a mug.

besan ka sheera recipe

Besan Ka Sheera Recipe

(Serves 1)


2 tsp melted ghee (or coconut oil for a vegan option)
1 1/2 tbsp chickpea flour (besan)
1/4 tsp ground cardamom
Pinch of black pepper
Pinch of #turmeric 
A few saffron strands 
1 tbsp almonds/pistachios, finely chopped (optional)
1 cup milk (use non-dairy for vegan version)
Jaggery/sugar to taste 


In a pan, roast the besan in ghee over low heat, stirring constantly until it turns golden brown and gives out a nutty aroma. Add the ground cardamom, black pepper & turmeric. 
At this point, also add in the nuts, if using.
Roast for an additional 30 seconds, then slowly pour in the milk, whisking well to avoid lumps. Turn the heat up to medium and using a whisk, stir the mixture continuously until it starts to boil. Lower the flame and continue whisking until it thickens to a pouring custard-like consistency.
Turn off the heat, add any sweetener of your choice to taste and stir well*. Pour into a mug, garnish with a few more chopped nuts and sip while it’s hot. Ideally, the sheera should be consumed immediately as it thickens upon cooling. You may have to dilute it with more milk if you are consuming it later. 

*You can powder the jaggery for easy use. Reethika has used a spiced jaggery from a local Mangalorean grocery store, which has a lovely hint of pepper & ginger.