Bharleli Vangi or Shrimp-stuffed Aubergines

Bharleli Vangi or Shrimp-stuffed Aubergines

Jenny Pinto visits the coastal town of Harnai to witness India's most unique fish auction. This recipe for shrimp-stuffed aubergines was sourced from Koli kitchens she visited on research for this story.

Recipe: Bharleli Vangi or Shrimp-stuffed Aubergines

1/2 cup dried shrimp (soaked in warm salt water for 30 minutes)
6-8 small purple aubergines
1 large onion, chopped
Turmeric, a pinch
1-2 green chillis, slit
1/2 cup fresh coriander, chopped
A marble-sized ball of tamarind, soaked in water and pulped
Salt, to taste
Oil as needed

Masala to be roasted and coarsely ground, without water
1 medium onion, chopped
3 flakes garlic
½ cup fresh coconut
2 dry red chillies, deseeded

Squeeze the water out of the shrimp and set aside
Heat a medium saucepan or wok large enough to hold 6-8 aubergines.
Add oil and saute the onion. Add the turmeric, green chilli and salt
Fry till onions soften, then add the shrimp and ground masala. Mix well.
Remove from the heat, and allow to cool
Meanwhile slit the aubergines length-wise for stuffing
Lightly coat them with salt and a little oil
Stuff them with the shrimp mixture
Heat the pan again with a little oil, and place the aubergines in gently
Drizzle the tamarind pulp over the brinjal
Now cover and cook tightly until done

Banner image credit: Polka Puffs