RADIO GOYA: Grab a Coffee with Geetu Mohnani

Geutu Mohnani is the barista and chief trainer at Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Bangalore. Later this month, she will be competing as a finalist at the World Barista Championship 2018, in Amsterdam, representing India among close to 60 nations. You can live stream the event at or send Geetu good wishes @geetumohnani

Geetu Mohnani is representing India at The World Barista Championship 2018 in Amsterdam

In this episode of Radio Goya, we talk to her about her (very unusual) journey as a barista, her strategy for the finals, and the kind of brews that will be representing the subcontinent in Amsterdam. (We're chatting in a coffee shop, to the sound of fresh roasts and grinds, so do bear with us if it gets noisy in there!)