Summer's Best: Jackfruit Ice Cream

Summer's Best: Jackfruit Ice Cream

While jackfruit gets some bad rep, we’re celebrating one of our favourite fruits with a recipe that is as easy as it is delicious. March’s recipe contest winner by Aishwarya Naik pays homage to summer’s best offerings: jackfruit and ice cream.


Recipe: Jackfruit Ice Cream

500 ml heavy whipping cream (chilled)
200 ml condensed milk (chilled)
15 jackfruit arils (or more depending on how intense you want the jackfruit flavour to be)

De-seed the jackfruit arils and blend them into a fine paste
Save a few chunks for garnishing
Blend the cream over a bowl of ice until it doubles in size
Add in the condensed milk and blend again
Add the jackfruit paste and a few chopped pieces of the fruit into the cream mixture and fold
Pour the ice cream batter in a container and refrigerate overnight
Scoop out the ice cream in a bowl to serve and garnish with chopped jackfruit and a mint leaf

Note: You can increase or decrease the amount of condensed milk depending upon how sweet you like your ice cream, and how ripe the fruit is.