Sukku Kaapi: The Only Drink You Need This Monsoon

Sukku Kaapi: The Only Drink You Need This Monsoon

Although the monsoons can be wonderfully romantic, the truth is that they are often accompanied by a bout of the flu or the common cold. We asked the Goya community to send in their favourite home remedies, and were flooded with recipes for herbal teas and kashayams. This recipe for sukku kaapi from Pavitra Nanthan,  with its short list of ingredients and sinus-clearing flavours, stood out. Easy to make and stash away for a rainy day, the recipe can be doubled or tripled with ease.

sukku kaapi recipe

Recipe: Pavithra Nanthan’s Sukku Kaapi

1 cup dry ginger (soonth)
1/2 cup coriander seeds
Handful of peppercorns
Jaggery, to taste

Grind all the ingredients (except the jaggery) and store for use in a clean, dry jar.
To make sukku kaapi, bring a cup of water to boil with a tablespoon (or more, if you prefer it stronger) of the powdered ingredients and jaggery to taste.
Pour into your favourite mug, and drink hot.
Recommended drinking every few hours when you are under the weather.