What My Iftar Looks Like

We asked our readers to send us photographs of what iftar looks like in their homes, and what we received are beautiful pictures of celebrations from the Malabar coast to the streets of Delhi. Eid Mubarak, dear readers. May your day be joyful and your stomachs full!
If you have a photograph you'd like to share, tag #goyaeats on Instagram, and we'll feature your iftar spread in our series.

Simi Anwar has been making elanchi, or Malabar styled stuffed crepes with coconut filling, perfect for Ramadan fasting time. Simple, delicious without any oil or ghee. Best paired with cutting chai.

Sumaiya Ahmed's father treats her to an iftaari made the traditional way.

Sony Dinesh makes Basbousa, an Egyptian semolina cake, as iftar special.

Ashis Nayak stocking up on haleem from Peshawar Hotel in Hyderabad.

In Morocco, Ruby Bakhti sat down to this incredible iftar spread.

Saina Jayapal's iftar celebration featured brain puffs from the iconic Albert Bakery on Mosque Road in Bangalore.

Zohara Jamal's iftar table includes dahi vadas, chicken and cheese stuffed rotis, chicken kebabs, leafy greens, pomegranate salad and sweet lime juice.

Pyaar Mohabbat Sharbat, made with milk, roohafza and melon. Harshit Sharma writes that the name 'pyaar mohabat sharbat' refers to a practice in Muslim wedding (niqaah) where the groom drinks half of the sharbat first and the bride finishes the rest, sharing the sharbat together to enhance the love between them. 

Banner image: Simi Anwar