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We get a lot of emails from readers about contributing to The Goya Journal. In a bid to make things easier for you (and ourselves!), we put together a brief on how to pitch effectively to The Goya Journal. 

A lot of the pitches we receive are about learning to cook at grandmothers' elbows, or a nostalgic paean to your mother’s fish curry. And while we certainly don’t contest this, it does not necessarily make for a compelling read. While nostalgia and food remain explicably linked, we want to push food writing beyond the limiting boundaries of sentimentality. Let's find a way to tell a story that is bigger. 

This is of course, not to say that we don’t enjoy a well-constructed personal essay. But here are some stories we'd love to have on The Goya Journal.

Stories we are looking for: 

  • Profiles of chefs, cookbook authors, or people creating impact in the food space
  • Recipe or ingredient-led essays that delve into a regional cuisine
  • Stories from the field, covering economic, political, social, or environmental subjects around food, produce, farmers, or the industry
  • Photo-essays with a strong narrative
  • Cultural analyses 
  • Opinion pieces on current goings-on in the food industry 
  • Stories from home kitchens
  • Travel stories that explore culture through cuisine
  • Guides for the home cook

Stories we are not looking for:

  • Restaurant coverage — we love restaurants, but The Goya Journal is not the platform for reviews and restaurant trend pieces 
  • Personal narratives that are navel-gazey (Feel free to write about your favourite dishes or your grandmother's kitchen, but give us a story that's larger than personal nostalgia) 

How to pitch:
We love stories that have a clear voice and a strong opinion. Your pitch should have both, backed up with research and expertise. Tell us the sources you plan to use. While it isn’t necessary that you’ve been previously published, it is important that we know that you have the necessary expertise to write this particular piece. 

While we’re always looking for new topics and unusual angles that have not been covered on The Goya Journal before, it goes without saying that your pitch will be stronger if you read previously published pieces and familiarise yourself with the style — and make sure the story you’re pitching is not one that has been published recently.

Photographers & Illustrators:
Goya loves art, and we're always looking for new photo and illustrator talent to assign work to. Send us a link to your portfolio or editorial work, and we'll be in touch.

Email us:
Send us an email with your pitch, and links to any previous work in the body, not attachment. Mention 'Pitch from freelance writer/photographer/illustrator' in the subject line, and send your email to hello@goyamedia.in